I'm a gay dude in my 20es who happens to be really turned on by pictures of hot guys licking pussy. Enjoy! -- Hylas
lick it boy
Q: super hot that you like to watch guys lick pussy 😍 ugh
Asked by fantasiez
Q: I LOVE LOVE LOVE going down on a woman! love your blog
Asked by Anonymous
Q: I love your blog! It's SO hard to find pages that are all about men licking pussy... I also have a huge fetish for gay/bi guys so the occasional MMF 3some mixed in is very lovely :D Keep up the good work! I'm going to keep reblogging!
Asked by shedrivesastick

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…from behind…
Q: A guy that eats pussy good is so hard to find.
Asked by Anonymous
Q: god damn i agree with your bio. im gay but i fucking love watching hot guys eat pussy
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Giving him a gift…

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